Survival Paracord Bracelet

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Compass / electronic watch / rope cutter / window cone / outdoor escape hand rope / call whistle / fire stick this is not a universal umbrella rope bracelet, it has more outdoor survival functions. It is equipped with outdoor life-saving fire stone, high-precision mini compass, rope cutting knife, survival whistle and a 7-core umbrella rope about 3.6 meters long to provide safety for your outdoor exploration.

Specification: diameter 0.4 cm, 7 core;

bracelet width 2.5cm, length 23CM (effective wearing length after buckle closure).


Applicability gender: neutral/male

Applicable Sports: Outdoor Running

Scene: Running, hiking, camping, bicycle

Color: As the pictures show

Product material: seven core umbrella rope, plastic whistle buckle, flintstone compass

Umbrella length: 3.8 meters or so

Rope pull: 280kg

Package Include:

1x Bracelet Watch


Please allow a little Color Difference and Measurement Error.

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Black, Brown, Dark Green, Green


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